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Wednesday, January 27, 2016



This is the beginning of a fantastic journey across the ocean to the country of Zambia in southern Africa. Two weeks from now, I will be departing for service with the US Peace Corps as a Agroforestry Specialist for 27 months. This blog will serve as one form of communication to others, as well as, an outlet for me to recount and relish in the goings-on of my unique travels.

You may be curious how I came to this frontier and, certainly, a little more about me for my acquaintances. Without getting too existential on my readers (just yet), I will say my desire to serve in the Peace Corps has been building over the past decade and the timing simply strummed reality about 7 months ago. Then, as I was nearing the completion of my Bachelor's degree (a requirement of serving in Peace Corps), I was spreading all my plans out on the table. Back to school, job in my college town, Americorps...Then I got a call one day from a dear friend of mine inquiring of my interest in joining Peace Corps (PC). It appeared that the adventure bug was in her ear, too. So, with our combined courage we applied, together since we were in the same fields.

The application process was pretty streamlined, especially for government. Indeed the Peace Corps have been around for over 50 years now! Certainly a lot has changed within the organization over the years, but I like to think that all the right people are in charge for the program to have lasted this long. Besides that, the need for foreign diplomacy, field agents, and aid are high priorities. I am proud to say I am serving my country abroad in these capacities.

So, what do you want to know about Zambia?
Here's a link to the CIA Factbook page, it gives rigid info on the country's stats.
Fun facts include:
  • Zambia gained its independence (formerly Rhodesia) in 1964
  • Copper is their major export, which has been booming and busting for decades
  • It's about the size of Texas, but a totally different shape.
  • 38% of Zambia's land area is protected (compared to 14% in US)
  • Zambia jointly shares the largest sheet of falling water in the world, Victoria Falls!
There will be tons more to learn about my future home and I look forward to sharing my experiences there with everyone reading this blog! Stay tuned as I round out the next two weeks in the states... I will be sharing my packing list, itinerary, thoughts in my head, things I'm going to miss, and other ways to stay in touch :)